NANO Notification & Escalation Management


Notification & Escalation Management

Augmenting the Care Management

The health care industry has observed health IT, such as NANO Health, for communication solutions to intensify and augment their care management and care transformations enrichment programs.

One strategy entails transmitting automatic notifications or alerts from hospitals to primary care practices and care supervisors when a patient has a hospital admission, release, or transfer.

These notifications and alerts are devised to improve the convenient flow of information so providers and case supervisors can quickly and effectively address the health care demands of their patients transitioning from inpatient facilities to community care.

In addendum to improved patient health status, these alerts and notifications are anticipated to enable a lowering in hospital readmissions.

Alerts & Notifications

Deliver real-time admission, discharge, and transfer information about a patient’s medical services encounter and support:

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Care Coordination

Provider Notification support communication between hospitals, primary care physicians and care managers who may not know when a patient is conceded to a hospital or who may not discover until the hospital occurrence. Notification enables the primary care physician to follow up fast after release to ensure the patient is getting what they need to be well.


Lowering Readmissions

Provider Notification lowers readmissions by enabling hospitals to communicate with the patient and the physician about their admission to the hospital.


Automatic Alerts & Notifications

Alerts are activated by a patient’s admission, discharge, or transfer to a hospital information system that transmits a notification to NANO Health Notify.

Automated notifications help providers care for their patients and have been proven to help control healthcare costs with Nano Health.