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An AI-powered solution that highlights abnormalities automatically characterizes anatomies and correlates with clinical results.

The use of AI in diagnostic medical imaging is undergoing extensive evaluation. Due to the growth in caseloads in healthcare centers all around the world, the need for prompt, impartial tools for the image has increased.

Medical Imaging


Medical imaging / Radiology has emerged as a leader in AI out of a pressing need. Multiple studies have indicated that AI tools can perform just as well, if not better, than human clinicians at identifying features in images quickly and precisely.

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Medical imaging data is one of the precious sources of information about patients and often one of the most complex.


With megapixel upon megapixel of data packed into the results from X-Ray, CAT scans, MRIs, and other testing modalities, combing through extremely high-resolution images can be challenging.


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Medical Imaging using AI is helping to improve the productivity of clinical workflow utilizing imaging.
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Lowering the risk of “NEGATIVE” clinical consequences.
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Accelerating clinical decision making in healthcare practices

Diagnosis, New & Improved

We, at NHS, are passionately setting up the solutions that encounter unique needs in Healthcare.

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Created through the automation and prioritization of tasks and data feeds

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By ensuring the right information availability, filtered, and presented to support the diagnosis as well as ensuring the repeatability of any qualification processes.

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Quantitative & Qualitative

By providing applications and tools to automatically or semi-automatically extract and quantify the information.

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