Data-driven insights that can improve patient care

As healthcare data processing improves, the potential to acquire practical knowledge from significant datasets increases. To learn how AI might transform healthcare, let’s explore the capacities of Nano Health Suite Data analytics and AI tools built for health.


Uncovering the trends with analytics

Real-time insights help resources improve their line of interrogation as warranted and notice suspicious claims to investigators. When we have numerous insurance claims, analytics helps identify fraud patterns that are not easily detectable at the level of individual claims. The correlation between data volumes helps identify organized fraud and update the rules and operating models across other policy life cycle stages.

The force of NANO Health analytics is amplified with artificial intelligence which can sieve through massive data sets, distinguish patterns and irregularities based on algorithms, and flag crises for investigation.

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Fighting with Insurance Claim Frauds

NHS Claims Fraud Analytics solution applies AI to offer a significant advantage on investment in fraud analytics as insurance companies can quickly be informed of fraud leakage.

Insurance companies are painstakingly informed of the consequence of fraud on their profitability. By leveraging predictive modeling, geographic data mapping, social media analytics, and text mining across particular stages of a policy life cycle, businesses can effectively discover fraud and significantly lessen claims costs.

NHS Advanced Analytics assists capture the identity of the client, linkages to fraud, and other abnormal behavioral patterns. Our analytics helps claim handlers validate a more significant number of claims with greater accuracy in a shorter period.

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