An innovative and comprehensive Insurance Management System designed to minimize cost and maximize
patient health and positive outcomes.

Digital Transformation Partner for
Smart Insurance Business

Designed to be the most powerful, most efficient, and most compliant platform in the healthcare industry today.

An innovative and comprehensive Insurance Management System designed to minimize cost and maximize patient health and positive outcomes.

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Redefine the insurance business

Nano IMS is a fully blended web-based insurance management solution to administer and execute the work processes for insurance businesses and third-party administrators; it improves modularization allowing the diverse departments to interact and meet their requirements and desires for maximum functionality and usability.

Nano IMS presents an online insurance analysis and information management system that provides effortless access to insurance resources with a comprehensive, reliable, performance-based, state-of-the-art general insurance management solution designed to accomplish workflows for daily operations.

Reinventing Underwriting

Enabling secure, integrated, and efficient underwriting judgments.

Insurance underwriting requires arriving at decisions that are high-impact yet intricate. The majority of the time, nevertheless, underwriters are too occupied striving to seek, access, aggregate, and interpret knowledge to reach real insights that can support decision-making.

Underwriters are paying more time in administration than in making better risk and profitable choices for the business. For insurers to grow agile, profitable, and seize market share, they need to support their underwriters to lessen the administrative burden and focus on high-value jobs like risk appraisal and advantageous pricing.

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Unify your Customer Data

Deploys foremost analytics models within the platform to accouche predictive insights across the decision flow

Nano IMS implements a unique and easy-to-use interface to manage all sets of underwriting services to serve underwriters with all pertinent information of the selected documents, account status, claims history, reinsurance status, and archived documents. It provides automatic risk assessment based on configurable rules. It leads an underwriter through a risk assessment process, empowering him to record important features and ensure communication with other process partners.

Integrated Rules Engine

Allows you to place and manage rates and business rules for all your standard and non-standard lines of business. The intuitive interface is effortless to use allowing business users to manage rates without programming intervention.

The Rules Engine further enables straight-through processing of policies you define as standard - based on several parameters or user inputs – and reports the system to ensure that all unusual risks are investigated. To ensure consistency and improve compliance, you can systematically make complex decisions inside the Rule Engine module.

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