NANO Travel Insurance Management

Give your travelers the protection they need with our advanced travel insurance solutions.

NANO Travel Insurance Management Solution

Our purpose is to present the most reliable and efficient touchpoints and travel insurance premium and business solutions.

Solutions are built around connecting airlines, retail journey businesses, online travel agencies, and travel management companies with a comprehensive portfolio of travel insurance benefits.

We work to improve your company's growth and offer travelers the peace of mind they deserve.

Unite With Travel Services Encompassing the Globe

Nano travel insurance management solutions (IMS) are devised to source and illustrate the best travel insurance choices in the most impactful way feasible. We provide travel agents and airlines with an abundant number of travel insurance businesses to collaborate with, allowing a rich source of content that they can use to provision to travelers’ demands.

An Intuitive Workflow

Our thought process is focused on building comprehensible and practical products that delegate doing business effortlessly.,NANO travel insurance management solution is secure to execute and can be blended into diverse selling channels. Insurance is presented in a transparent workflow and can be booked quickly and quickly.

Nano Health implements international insurers the right tools
and technology, including

Administer global travel insurance

Nano Travel IMS implements a centralized core administrative solution that empowers you to configure compensation plans for numerous products and varied lines of business, including major medical, fully-insured products, inability, life, travel compensation, trips delay, and emergency travel assistance, etc. Adaptable roles are included for commission support, premium billing, multiple currencies, and multiple languages.

Offer portable access to quintessential information

Traveling members can utilize their smartphones or tablets to access their ID cards, plan provider research, and receive health/message alerts/emergency information.

Reduce administrative costs

Our solution automates and clarifies adjudication, administration, and cost containment measures

Ensure regulatory compliance

Process ICD-9, ICD-10, and ICD-11 code sets and magnify enterprise-wide transparency with integrated, comprehensive fraud, waste, and abuse.

Streamline online enrollment

Nano Travel IMS takes the worries out of registration with international-specific functionalities such as foreign address support and travel to/from dates.

Administer seasoned portal access for clients, members, and providers

Nano Travel IMS portals deliver real-time adjudication, patient eligibility, and claim state. Managers gain access to real-time information about the incidence of events, empowering effective risk management.

Provide superior customer service

With Nano Travel IMS customer service, you maintain effective communication channels, ensure your staff has a streamlined passage to critical information, and deliver uniform customer service across all touchpoints.

Enhance provider networks

Nano Travel IMS automates support for network management for various reimbursement systems, allowing you to promote collaboration with providers and members.

Empowering Connected Business and Efficiency Through Innovation and Technology

Nano Health has been implementing industry-leading technology solutions to the travel, health, and expatriate insurance enterprises for over 15 years and is trusted by our clients and partners over the globe, our software products present end-to-end coverage of the entire insurance value chain. Our solutions are incredibly scalable from start-ups to giant enterprises and can be customized to fit your businesses’ precise requirements through our innovative configuration toolkits.

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