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Drug Data Management
Upholding and managing data across geographical

Regions and codes are time-consuming and thorough. NANO IDDK database simplifies your assignment so you can concentrate on what's essential.

Adverse Drug Reactions/ Adverse Drug Effects

Utilize known adverse consequences to categorize better, uncover new indications, and comprehend the level of danger with NANO IDDK.

Drug Classification & Categories

Enable filter medicines by chemical form, taxonomy, and active groups such as domain and class.

Drug Indications & Dosage Forms

Operate on-label and off-label indications to analyze, group, and classify drugs with dosage forms and drug contraindication.

Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification (ATC/DDD)

Classifies therapeutic drugs with ATC into the organ or system on which the drug acts and the drug's medicinal, pharmacological, and chemical properties to facilitate drug research and enhance drug use quality.

Drug Targets & Medical Treatments

Search or group by distinct drug relations and protein associations.

Drug Data knowledge for all your necessities

Explore our knowledge base for drug interactions, pharmacology, chemical structures, drug targets, metabolism, and more. Drug target validation applies to demonstrating that either DNA or a protein molecule is involved in a disease process and can be an applicable target for inventing a new therapeutic drug.

Leverage your drug knowledge solution

Integrate our pharmaceutical knowledge base with our clinical drug data API. Scale usage & launch faster with flexible data modules. Empower users with relevant information & advanced insights.

Drug Knowledge Delivered



The Drug-Drug Interaction is performed with healthcare systems to assist clinicians in pinpointing clinically-significant drug interactions.

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Decision support, including indications and contraindications, helps clinicians avoid adverse drug-disease interactions.

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The Drug-Drug Interaction is performed with healthcare systems to assist clinicians in pinpointing clinically-significant drug interactions.

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Decision asset that enables clinicians to detour improper medicine doubling or therapeutic doubling.

Advantages of NANO IDDK, Drug Data Knowledge

Improved Patient Safety

NANO IDDK, a drug data knowledge system, blends into the electronic health records to help dynamic medical assessment against a patient's medication record, providing the clinical team the aid and information needed to prescribe the most suitable medicines for the medical conditions. The instantaneous clinical notifications and warnings spotlighted within the prescription procedure help lower the danger of medical blunders.


Streamline Drug Claims Operations

NANO IDDK, a drug data knowledge system, delivers comprehensive coverage of drugs promoting drug markers, drug utilization assessment, and reimbursement conclusions for health insurance companies, third-party administrators (TPA), and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM).


Pharmacy Remake

NANO IDDK supports dispensing systems across Hospital Pharmacy and Retail Pharmacy configurations, providing medical staff with the help and knowledge required to prescribe the most suitable medications safely.


Lessen Disproportionate Variation

NANO Drug Data Knowledge (IDDK) System furnishes a single head of trustworthy, up-to-date drugs information in a uniform structure via the medical information system. This strengthens the consistency of drug-related medical decision-making and assures end users that they are employing current medicines information.

Customers use NANO IDDK every day to improve patient safety, filtering for likely drug interactions, inappropriate dosage, contra-indications, duplicate drug therapies, potential adverse reactions, and other aspects. NANO IDDK provides alert filtering functionality and recommendations to optimize alerts and enhance patient safety.

Achieving recognition from healthcare business companies confirms that your hospital or health system excels at implementing cutting-edge technology, simplifying services and processes, enriching patient care, and enabling successful outcomes.

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