Enterprise Reporting at Its Finest

Enterprise Reporting at Its Finest

Nano Reports and Dashboard Server crafts with a web-based Report and Dashboard Developer so you, your unit, and your users can build reports and dashboards that virtually monitor business outcomes and drive practical business decisions.

Prominent Features of Nano Reports Implementation


Active SQL sources

Utilize your SQL or let the Nano Reports engine dynamically build the SQL to query your database. The Nano Reports and Dashboard Server presents long-term flexibility because it never limits how data is accessed and abstracts the document presentation layer from the data layer.
The Nano Reports and Dashboard Server guarantees that it can be viewed on any appliance regardless of any database or data source created by a document.


Defining LINQ queries

Join and build a query for any Data sources (SQL, Excel, XML, HTTP JSON, CSV, etc.) with the capability of LINQ queries.


Native Pivot Tables

Drag and drop elements directly in a pivot table (Cross Tab) and display them in your report.


Redesigning Charts with HTML 5

Define and display Chart Series in two mouse clicks with interactive JavaScript charts created to be implanted and blended into Web, desktop, and mobile applications. Use the strength of HTML5 in the report outcome (Bootstrap layout, Responsiveness, Table sorting, and filtering).


Web Report Server

The Enterprise-ready Nano Reports Analytics and Dashboard Server deliver straightforward setup, intuitive administration, and comprehensive report distribution prospects for people within and beyond your enterprise.


Report scheduler

Schedule your report commissions and develop results in folders, FTP, and SFTP servers or transmit them by email (merged with the Windows Tasks Scheduler or open as a service). The intent of maintaining a Report Scheduler is to have reports dispatched periodically to the preferred recipients. Holding a scheduler enables to lessen the time and manual work implicated when an individual has to manually transmit the information every month or every week to the preferred recipient.


User Account Management

The Report and Dashboard Server's user-friendly interface is designed to streamline how user accounts are affected. You can also activate self-user registration for new users, which automatically adds an account when a user first logs in. The Server reinforces authentication by utilizing the native Nano Auth Connect and Web Services Protocols.


Unified KPI and Widget Analytics Views

Design and portray your Key Performance Indicators in a suitable analytics report.


Report Tasks

Specify tasks to execute your batch operations (data load, excel load, backup, data processing, etc.) or trigger practices from external groups.

Lessened Total Cost of Ownership

Designed for minimal ongoing maintenance.

Nano Reports - Product Components

Nano Reports comprises the Server Manager module, the Report Designer module, the Web Report Server, the Task Scheduler application, and the Report Scheduler application.

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    The Server Manager edits repository Data Sources and Devices and performs administrative tasks (inspecting sources and reports, posting web site, configuring the Server, revising the security, etc.).
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    The Report Designer creates, edits and executes reports.
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    The Web Report Server allows the end-users to edit and execute the reports posted from the Web.
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    The Nano Reports Scheduler application executes the report schedules described in the repository.
Driven as a turnkey resolution, the Nano Reports and Dashboard Server incorporates a comprehensively commixed Report and Dashboard Server and Client that delivers detailed setup, intuitive administration, and thorough report distribution alternatives for individuals within and outside your business.
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