What is NANO
eClaim Engine/Messenger/Adaptor ?

Nano eClaim Messenger is a unique cloud based tool to communicate with Shafafiya & Dubai Health Post Office for handling claims that enables your organisation to STP (Straight Through Processing) and save them incurring huge financial losses.



Easy tool handling interface

Easy tool handling interface

Easy tool handling interface with Drag & Drop facility to upload and download any number of claims you want.

Icon-Nano eClaim

Nano eClaim

Nano eClaim Messenger has a very powerful programming & query logics to search for e-claim files using different criteria. Once you find your file/files, you can download all of them or only those files you wish to download.

Icon-Mapping Data

Mapping Data

Mapping between invoicing data and the corresponding fields in the claiming system is pretty much streamlined.

Icon Automatic Update

Automatic Update

Automatic update of the application with a new version every time there are new features getting added.


Invoice Generate

Generating Safe claims with invoice from anywhere with an option to manual or schedule claim submissions.


EMS Centralizes

EMS centralizes the end user. The insured can report their loss easier and faster and will soon get clarity on the handling of the claim. Customer communication has never been this easy, which increases customer satisfaction, encouraging higher levels of customer loyalty.

Executed Automatically

Several checks are executed automatically, ensuring an easier and faster process when handling a claim. The damage amount is validated and assessed. This makes the settlement of the claim consistent and efficient.



Nano eClaim Messenger is a transparent and efficient method of claims handling. The claims are assessed based on the Policy terms and conditions. The customer receives insight on the handling of their claim, through several means of contact options.

Nano eClaim

The Nano eClaim Messenger can be accessed, with an internet connection, across the globe. This means that the customer can use the system 24/7. In addition, the claims handler is able to assess the claim wherever and whenever they want, or can choose to continue the settlement process at a later point.

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