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It’s our practice. It’s our core value. It’s what we stand for and why we do that. It’s wherewith? we deliver everything the way we commit and why that implies. It’s all hereabouts in our brand proclamation.

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Why Work With Us?


Embracing Differences

If you have an unconventional way of perceiving the universe, we are excited in hearing from you.


Career Advancement

People who strive for Nano Health get a wide spectrum of assistance to improve their skills further and accomplish their career aims.



Nano Health extends a comprehensive, market-competitive assortment of rewards and perks to boost employees’ professional and personal pursuits.


Well-being at Nano Health

Well-being is essential to commitment. Behold how Nano Health programs—from leaves to custom work calendars—better make it happen.


Social Inclusion

Learn wherewith representation goes beyond heterogeneity to draw the power of unparalleled views and backgrounds, and generate a culture of determination.


Global Innovation Division

Nano Health is fastened to advancing the competent leaders in healthcare innovation. Uncover more about our innovation division committed to the goal of research, development, and modernization of technology.


Look Around. And Mark The Change.

Our culture is built on representation, collaboration, high attainment, and opportunity. That alliance helps our experts create a difference personally and collectively. And it makes Nano Health one of the most gratifying places to work.

Your Application:
No Bots Hither

We regularly get quite a bundle of applications, and all of them are evaluated personally by our recruiters! On average, our team studies over 100 CVs and supports 20+ interviews every day. That’s why it’s more crucial than ever to make your application stand out.

Reveal Us What You’ve Gained

Next, you might receive an assessment test to perform. Our scenarios are devised in-house by our own hiring units and will proffer you insight into which difficulties our duos are fronting.

Interviews: Bequeath Us Who You Are

You got called to interview – salutes! Depending on the position and team, there can be two or yet three interviews in the hiring process.

Anchoring in: Award and Onboarding

After the discussions, we’ll review the feedback with the hiring team to guarantee that the best choice is executed. Our Hiring Manager or Business Partner will reach you with the great news and fill you in on the details and subsequent moves.

An Opportunity to Serve at the Foremost Edge of Technology

We are expanding our horizon of innovation in cloud services, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics. We aspire you to envisage significantly and support us to deliver solutions to some of the most critical technical challenges in the information technology business.

Elevate Your Existence

When your career progresses, we evolve as a partnership. That's why we present you with the possibilities to seek new things, operate on different projects, or even work in diverse nations. At Nano Health, we are constantly in the learning phase, and with that knowledge, achieves excellent experience for life.

Green Vibes and Determination

We endeavor to be a company that thou can be proud of. We strongly believe in the green economy to strengthen social protection and support sustainable development. Our partners are delivering medical and infrastructure technologies that are preserving lives all over the world.

A Diverse Workplace With Distinct Thoughts

We strongly affirm that true discovery can only result when distinct voices can all be part of the discussion. Here at Nano Health, you'll be part of a worldwide association charged with different voices and viewpoints from all the environments, all contributing their thoughts and practices to expediting the frontiers of technology.

Benefits and Rewards

Ours is a practice that strengthens our employees to strive at their best. Rewards, reasonable time off, paid vacations and perks such as on-site work opportunities and continuous learning opportunities culminate in a workplace wherever we can thrive together.

Exceptional Minds Think Differently

We accept diversity generates more opportunities for success. That's why we hire exceptional talents from all avenues of life: it doesn't matter the gender, age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or disability. Our principal intention is to discover personalities from around the globe who can contribute to world-changing technology.

Our Headshots

Hameed Al Herby
Hameed Al Herby

Founder, Nano Health Suite

Ammar Alezzo
Ammar Alezzo

Project Manager, Nano Health Suite

Asad Abbas
Asad Abbas

Senior Delivery Manager, Nano Health Suite

Sonu Noorjahan
Sonu Noorjahan

Senior Quality Analyst Lead, Nano Health Suite

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