NANO Healthcare Cloud Services

Transforming healthcare by adopting to cut operational costs, boost sales and improve service efficiency.

Transform the
healthcare journey

Nano Health Cloud for Healthcare implements capabilities to maintain health data at scale and deliver it more accessible for healthcare organizations to improve the patient experience, parallel care, and accelerate operational productivity while maintaining support, safety, compliance, and interoperability of healthcare information.

Enhance patient engagement

Enable data to flow securely through every point of care to improve patient experiences and health outcomes.

Enable health team collaboration

Expedite your team's ability to regulate care in a protected environment while simplifying intricate workflows.

Enhance health data insights

Associate clinical and operational data over systems to forecast risk and assemble for ongoing quality improvement.

Protect health information

Protect sensible health data to preserve privacy and safety while handling evolving compliance requirements.

Nano Healthcare Data Engine

Rapidly design healthcare insights and analytics with Nano Health Data Analytics solution.

Entrust healthcare and life sciences leaders to make decisions from disjointed healthcare data.

Nano Healthcare Data Engine builds on and expands the core abilities of the Nano Healthcare API to create healthcare data more usable by facilitating an interoperable, horizontal form of patient data.

Make more profitable real-time decisions around people's health, resource utilization, optimizing clinical trials and accelerating research, identifying high-risk patients, and other crucial needs with health insights.


Protect Your Healthcare Data With Safety and Privacy Controls You Can Rely on

Take benefit of the identical safe-by-design infrastructure, and built-in data protection that Nano Health Data Engine operates to guarantee compliance, redundancy, and trustworthiness. Healthcare Data Engine integrates a cloud configuration for healthcare that advances your protection and privacy, even added with HIPAA and CMS best practices.


Scale as Fast and Sizably as You Ought

Nano Healthcare Data Engine is backed by Nano Health Cloud's approvingly scalable and secured HIPAA-compliant controlled services and leverages Nano Health's Healthcare API and Data Engine for robust processing.

Nano Healthcare Data Engine gives the force of analytics and artificial intelligence to the healthcare industry, enabling the healthcare corps to process gigabytes of their patient data.

Scale quickly to fulfill the capricious demands across your systems and facilities to satisfy complex needs, like driving people health.

Leverage our multi-layered protection strategy, to bring the relief of feeling that your information is protected, by default, in movement and at rest.

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