NANO Healthcare API Services

Production-grade APIs to empower healthcare technology solutions



Nano Healthcare APIs Empowers
You to Integrate...

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    Medical Eligibility APIs
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    Drug-to-Drug Interactions & Drug Over Dosage APIs
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    Medical Claims, Status, Reporting APIs
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    Fraud Claims Detection APIs
Nano Healthcare APIs Empowers You to Integrate
Secure Your Transactions

With APIs that fit or surpass business standards, providing you peace of mind that your data is in reliable hands.

Lessen Complexity and Overhead

For your business with RESTful API designs derived from decades of healthcare experience.

Nano EMR
Connect to Payers and Associates Nationwide 

Via our APIs, leveraging one of the most extensive financial and regulatory networks

Onboard Your Solution Quickly

With our easy-to-use online resources and qualified support staff to assist you on your quest.

What We Deliver

A unified digital healthcare solution that assists protect and blending health data in the cloud and forms healthcare insights with analytics

Data Access and Interoperability APIs

Provide access to data and promote data interoperability by connecting sources to support Patient Access and Interoperability Rules and promote real-time access to clinical records to help better handle risk adjustment and ensure reliable payments with faster adjudication.

Patient Engagement, Member Engagement, and Billing APIs

Engage with patients and members across the care and financial life cycle, design, submit and administer the financial claims and billing life cycle for healthcare service providers (Hospitals/Clinics/Pharmacies) and payers.

Partner with Innovation Now Necessity

Conveniently plug data from our channels into your platforms and products to create more valuable, compelling user experiences and data flows that scale. Depend on our engagement to build long-lasting, successful partnerships. We are there every step of the way to make sure that our APIs and specialized support meet your organization’s needs.

Eligibility and Claims Management APIs

Nano DRG Grouper empowers you to integrate and examine medical data to deliver patient care more efficiently and derive insights that can enhance medical results while preserving the security and privacy of the data to incorporate procuring, registering, processing, coding, outputting, retrieving, and saving of data associated in the different areas of health care.


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