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NANO Health can benefit your healthcare enterprise.

Revenue cycle audits don't have to be fierce with Nano Health solutions. Our audit derivatives are consistently confidential for our consumer's internal use exclusively.

We acknowledge that practice, internal audits of your billing and coding procedures are essential for continuous revenue advancement and to sustain compliance with CMS, WHO, and diverse regulatory bodies. We have proven unique experience in the channels working in healthcare operations, medical receivables, and compliance & HIPAA program development.

When you're looking for medical auditing solutions, we retain your answers. We hold medical auditing professionals that guarantee precision and compliance. And we have an intellectual, all-in-one solution developed by the same specialists. Either way, you get the ease of mind during an otherwise questioning process.

Audit Management

We’ve built the leading medical audit management solution to support you in streamlining your medical document and coding rules. Audit Management integrates workflow management features and sophisticated auditing tools to enable your audit process and guarantee accurate results.

Group 29068

Audit CPT®, PCS, HCPCS, ACHI, ICD9 and ICD10 Codes

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Cloud-based Credentials


Real-time Customization and Claim Signals

Group 29065

Customizable Audit Procedures

Analytics Management

Analytics Management retains advanced models that can determine your providers’ challenging billing conducts earlier, so you can rectify cases before they go out the door and before you forfeit revenue.

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    Uncover Provider and Code-usage Outlier Patterns
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    Identify Common (and Uncommon) Billing Trends
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    Benchmark Providers by Internal and National Peers

Audit Service Management

Get your auditing and revenue recovery with the professionals whether you are want to outsource your necessities entirely or want a second opinion. We equip profound subject matter expertise in over 50 medical specialties. Services comprise:

Group 30229

Medical Chart Assessment

Group 29089

Litigation Reinforcement

Group 29086

EMR Pathfinder Evaluation

Group 29084

Revenue Convalescence

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