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Revitalize your pharmaceutical and life sciences business with data-led planning and decision-making for enhanced sourcing, distribution, quality & compliance commitment.

The pharmaceutical business of today is driving towards a more patient-centric practice. Many patent ridges across the enterprise have pushed the successful launch of the latest drugs to top precedence.

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Determining the suitable data acquisitions and analytics strategies can assist pharma associations in capitalizing on these changing times and making swifter, more knowledgeable business decisions.

NANO Health enables pharma companies to identify the market size, predicted uptake curve, right target physicians for promotions, and follow the performance in the weeks after launch through extensive data-driven marketing.

We also support pharma clients across other business concerns such as marketing blend, campaign plan/measurement, and weekly/monthly performance reporting to propel profitability.


Bring Actionable Insights and Benefit Accountability to Your Healthcare Data.

Each patient's journey is exceptional. The measured computations and data analytics your brand relies on to assess performance and improve patient outcomes must reflect your brand's unique patient access at every step.

Specialty Pharmacy Analytics delivers diagnostic patient access insights by calibrating the datasets associated with a suite of business KPIs and analytics to reflect the uniqueness of your brand's patient access.


Data-driven Insights for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Prompting the enterprise to turn toward modern solutions such as pharma analytics software to attain deeper insight into critical data.

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    Nano Rx Insights enables the use and application of data analytics within the pharmaceutical business.
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    Blending big data analytics solutions into the pharmaceutical manufacturing process permits companies to gain practical insights to accelerate and optimize production.
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    Pharmaceutical manufacturers can integrate data analytics throughout every drug development process, from research and discovery to development to clinical trials and beyond.
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    Pharma analytics privileges companies to gain greater insight into the consumer market, drug efficacy, and other crucial aspects of comprehensive performance.

Prominent Features of NANO Reports Implementation

Commixing pharma analytics into drug discovery, manufacturing, and distribution comes with enormous benefits, including:

Expedited Drug Discovery and Growth

Capitalizing on big data gives pharmaceutical manufacturers an advantage in research and development, permitting companies to perform fast to get products to market.


Enhanced Clinical Trials

Pharma analytics can optimize the clinical trial procedure by enabling pharmaceutical companies to gain deeper insight into appropriate patient records and demographics, past clinical trial data, and distant patient monitoring information.


Enhanced Targeting of Patient

Pharmaceutical data analytics can consolidate patient records and medical information to improve accuracy in devising medications for distinct people.


High Cost-effectiveness

Pharma analytics can allow manufacturers to decrease costs and boost revenue by compiling and analyzing data associated with drug spending, ingredient costs, and additional applicable financial elements.


Enhanced regulatory compliance

Assuring compliance with state and national regulations is vital to the pharmaceutical enterprise. Pharma analytics can allow manufacturers to ensure regulatory adherence by recognizing safety considerations for drugs and the workplace circumstances themselves.


Optimized Sales and Marketing

Pharma analytics helps pharmaceutical manufacturers enhance sales and marketing actions. Aggregating knowledge connected to consumer behavior, demands, and sales data permit pharmaceutical companies to identify growth opportunities.

NANO Rx Insights, a Pharma data analytics solution, transforms big data into actionable insights and enable pharmaceutical businesses to optimize and accelerate processes for tremendous success.

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Drug Contra-Indications Analysis
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Competitor Drug Brand Analysis
Human Drug Therapy Analysis
Pharmaceutical Market Access Analysis
Clinician Specialty Insight Analysis
Pharmaceutical Market Share Analysis