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What is NANO Telehealth platform?

The NANO Healthcare Suite platform enables our patients to improve access to healthcare specialists no matter their location. They receive quality care via videoconferencing technology by calling doctors who will recommend care pathways in a safe and secure environment you need a webcam, internet access, and you are ready to connect.

As you connect to NANO Telehealth from the NANO mobile app, our expert representatives will retrieve your patient information and convey you to the doctor.

You will attend the videoconferencing consultation with the doctor, provide you with expert opinions and assist you with investigations if required.

Our experts will have instant access to your real-time medical records. Our medical representatives will then assist you with ordering medications, booking x-rays, lab tests, and other investigations, place an order for a medication home delivery with convenience and ease.


The best option for Telemedicine/Telehealth/Online consultations?

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    The NANO Telehealth extends the way for best-in-class primary care physicians to existing without the obligation to schedule an appointment in advance.
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    All you want to do is log in NANO App, click on the ‘Call a Doctor Now’ key, and you will be connected to a doctor.
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    The NANO Telehealth has also secured other medical specialties available based on appointment booking, allowing patients to call their doctors via videoconferencing whenever they want, from wherever they want.
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    NANO doctors are fully qualified to diagnose a patient’s condition, recommend treatment plans, provide second opinions on previous diagnoses, and advise prescription and non-prescription medications.
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    If in the instance that special treatment is required, the doctors are equipped and ready to recommend and refer patients to the appropriate specialists and facilities.
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    NANO is powered by AI-enabled technology and uses state-of-the-art technology for seamless video conferencing.
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What Are The Services Offered?

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Live Video Consultation

You can instantly consult a physician without an advance appointment. Simply click on ‘’Call a Doctor Now’’ to connect with a doctor.

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Appointment Booking Video Consultation

If you are sure of the type of expert you need to consult, you can manage a pre-booked video conference.

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Lab Tests At Home

After the meeting with the doctor, you may have been prescribed some lab tests. You can now order sample collection at your home and get results in your inbox.

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Order Medication

You can refill your prescription and place your medication through one of our agents. They will provide for you to pick up your medicines from one of our pharmacies.

NANO Health Suite
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