NANO Medical Coding Rules Wizard

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Enhance your capability to code and bill accurately with Nano Medical Coding Wizard

One of the main advantages of our medical coding wizard is that it enables users to select more specific codes by laying considerable built-in rules. Our software allows eliminates coding oversights and ensures accurate coding. It also ensures that submitted claims meet all nationally-accepted coding guidelines. Frequently, this results in fewer denials and a higher reimbursement level.

Another benefit of the Nano Medical Coding Wizard is the cross-walk feature which automatically matches the ICD diagnosis codes with appropriate CPT/HCPCS codes within your encounter, thus showing the medical necessity for procedures performed. It is often challenging for the medical records attendants to locate the CPT code that accurately communicates to ICD-10 coding. Team members may devour valuable time scanning from one book to another, exploring indexes, only to choose matching codes with intermixed results.

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With the Nano Medical Coding Wizard, errors stemming from mismatched codes have been practically eradicated, and the time to match codes has been remarkably diminished.

Another big plus, according to the users, is timely upgrades. Medical records divisions assess repayments gain because they are now sure the diagnosis is being coded all the time accurately, leading to the highest reimbursement level allowable for each case.

The time to code a specific patient record has also been lessened by 10%, and as an outcome, the physicians are getting appropriate reimbursement for their services.

Our tools foster documentation and function improvement throughout the coding process. We improve performance throughout the revenue cycle from decision-making. Nano Medical Coding Wizard can substantially boost reimbursements by streamlining the coding procedure, identifying encountered diagnoses, and alerting coders to potential missing processes. Characteristics such as patient gender, age, diagnoses, clinical guidelines, and discharge status are employed to fine-tune the data.

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Clinical Coding and Billing Edits

Our full suite of experienced, institutional, and differentia reporting edits in Nano Medical Coding Wizard is devoted to numerous specialties and clinical environments. Developed to deploy across multiple workflow points within the revenue cycle, our edits verify encounter and claim data from the payer’s perspective and allow corrections before filing. Our rich rules engine enriches claim validity and precision, furnishes positive cash flow, maximizes reimbursement, and preserves valuable staff time through denial deterrence.

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Reimbursement Management

Over-coding and under-coding of medical services can affect your revenue and increase the risk of audits and civil penalties. Our tool simplifies medical coding using history and exam elements – incorporated with risk and diagnosis sense of intelligence – to confine to authentic medical decision-making. Our proprietary computation method defines risk for labs, x-rays, diagnostic tests, and other management options to ensure precise medical complexity. The outcome is accurate, audit-ready assures ultimate reimbursement.

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Medical Code Look Up

Our intuitive code search tool is an alternate for time-consuming, manual diagnosis and procedure code quests. Our comprehensive search engine is designed to locate the exact code from the clinical viewpoint employing the official condition, common name, medical acronym, or anatomical area.

Our diagnosis code search guarantees coding to maximum carefulness in complement to driving for needed outward reason codes, “utilize additional” and “code first” rules, and underlying disease scenarios for ICD-10. Our procedure search provides add-on codes and can guide further commonly-billed procedures to confirm appropriate reimbursement.