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Reimagining Your Information

It would be fine if you reimagined your information supply chains and processes to guarantee transparency, assurance, and convenience at speed-only then, can data be used to maximize your technology and AI ventures. We will build your solution with the appropriate expertise and technologies to readjust your business objectives. Dawaa24 Data analytics with unique—actionable insights boosts performance, and resilience and provides an ambitious advantage.

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Easing workloads

Data sources vary across scaffolds- application data, claims reports, police statements, medical records, and external reports such as industry fraud alerts and watch list data. Not surprisingly, many leading insurance organizations leverage the consolidated power of analytics and AI to fight fraud.

Technology is a double-edged knife. Not only is it empowering insurers with mechanisms to fight fraud, but it is concurrently furnishing fraudsters with more advanced techniques to perpetrate fraud.

While businesses try to keep in speed with the evolving nature of fraud, our Dawaa24 Data Analytics appears to be the insurers’ guarantee against fraud.

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Powering healthcare with data science and technology

Comprehensive view of every patient

NANO Health develops the patient treatment plans by a comprehensive view of every patient, which comprises patient experience insights produced by considering the provider’s feedback, prognostic care, and case facts and figures. Our solutions help the patient access secure mobile tools and system portals for better satisfaction and improved patient care transparency.

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