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Ai-powered Predictive Analytics and Risk Assessment Solution in Healthcare

Nano Health promotes preventative care and disease management, lower health discrepancies, and enhance health outcomes.


Chronic Disease Prevention

Health risk assessment can be employed to predict the severity of an illness, and it can be extended for chronic disease prevention by recognizing early warning symptoms. Before the condition grows, the patient's clinician can guide preventative care, ideally controlling disease progression.

Presently, five chronic conditions have more than 72 percent of healthcare expenditures: cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and kidney disorder.

By recognizing high-risk patients and risk factors, medical experts can recommend preventive care procedures to reduce the probability of chronic disease development.

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Accelerating Revenue Cycle

Automating time-consuming and repetitive processes, such as accounts payable, Nano Health automation solutions enhance billing efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the healthcare providers' financial performance.

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Patient Healthcare Plan Management

Nano Health automation solutions enhance patient care coordination, and case administration and boost better remote monitoring of patients within the healthcare system. Health care providers can gain adequate visibility into the critical knowledge, such as patients shifting from their healthcare programs, assisting them moderately to assure better quality healthcare.

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Efficient Workforce Utilization

Nano Health intelligent automation solutions support replacing repetitious, highly labor-intensive jobs with software bots to enhance process efficiencies and labor costs. These solutions help refocus employees to better value-added positions to leverage their healthcare and clinical expertise for better patient care.

To learn how Nano Health offers patient-centered health risk assessments.