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Efficiently manage your life and annuity coverage for people and organizations

Solidify underwriting, policy processing, billing, and individual and group insurance claims, all on an indivisible insurance management system. Streamline operations to diminish operational costs, and gain compliance to readjust swiftly to evolving business needs.

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Bring agility, persistence, and safety to your insurance services

Clearly support the whole insurance lifecycle with real-time connectivity within banks and insurers to expedite every process level, from the point of sale to policy servicing to commission settlement.

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Retail and service policies on your customers’ channels of choice

Automate processes and deliver tailor-made policyholder responses while adjusting self-service and aided customer assistance models on a digital insurance platform. Empower clients to buy the insurance and appropriate service when and where they necessitate it.

Driving digital insurance solutions

In our digital world, we need agile, intuitive, and modernized digital experiences to empower us to experience safer and healthier lives. These specific expectations are also reconstructing the complete insurance value chain.

Technology unlocks innovative opportunities to unite existing and potential protection gaps, widening due to lack of affordability, awareness, trust, or complications. Big data analytics, the digital consumer, and the expanding digitization of insurance all play a role in embracing these opportunities and presenting new digital insurance solutions worldwide.

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Fast and Customizable Implementation

Pursue or extend your aggressive advantage with an out-of-the-box framework, enabling speedy customization to best match your business requirements.

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Product Definition, Configuration & Pricing

Define and configure a new insurance product within seconds and get it instantly ready for brokers to quote to customers.

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Seamless Integrations

Nano Healthcare API formation and managed integrations enable easy connection with other enterprise systems, such as dedicated rating engines, external payment providers, and also legacy systems.

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Elevating The Insurance Consumer Engagement

AI, algorithms, and data-driven technologies can better influence the hearts and thoughts of consumers.


Organize health insurance journeys with the genuine, special service your members demand

Deliver a great experience for members. Elucidate registrations, premium billing, and claims adjudication on a core insurance system. Manage and automate new provider contract standards so your members benefit from more moderate costs and a greater quality of care.

We reinvented its sales model for a global insurer, redeeming $1.5 million in price and boosting conversion by 30%.

We agreed one health insurer overcome average document administration time by over 80% in a staff of 300 people by employing a cognitive computing resolution to the workflow platform.

We redesigned the consumer experience for individual insurers; processes taking 25 days are now finished in less than five days.

See How Our Customers Experience Nano Health Insurance Management Solution

Deliver insurance solutions and digital consumer experiences that strengthen your consumers’ reliance and retain them faithfully. Quickly roll out new offerings, implement necessary adjustments from your sales channels to the back office, and get real-time analytics to understand your business thoroughly.