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Data Protection Solutions

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Data Integration & Control Management

Nano Health provides comprehensive and tailored healthcare data management solutions for payers and providers who prefer to rationalize and contemporize the integration and data control for improved operations.

Revenue cycle, performance, risk adjustment, and quality analytics aid providers and payers in acquiring benefits from state connectivity and a wide range of clinical, financial, and operational data to enhance quality, streamline the process, and lessen the risks and cost.

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Security Management

The data management solution and services provided by Nano Health help customers turn their healthcare data into actionable insights that benefit them to navigate the quick and fast evolution of healthcare.

Besides data management, obsolete security solutions, erudite cyber threats, growing compliance requirements, and other security vulnerabilities, various companies need to have a pre-emptive partner who can support them by foreknowing and neutralizing dangers before they emerge.

At Nano Health, we believe security is the initial point to delivering the results to lead as per the needs of global organizations and businesses. Our end-to-end security solutions join the profound domain and industry professionals with innovatively future-focused methods and skills that embrace advisory, managed services, and transformation.

At Nano Health, we deliver proficiency in deciphering the most intricate challenges healthcare providers face.

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Building a Proactive Ecosystem

By delivering a broad horizon of the security ecosystem of a company, Nano Health can evaluate and eradicate the blind spots that can occur. It can also solve the organization's security vulnerabilities to make healthcare providers accelerate their system towards innovation, growth, and transformation.

With our management and security solutions, healthcare providers can deploy a responsive and swift solution that is considerably scalable and strengthen the cyber defenses while streamlining the processes that companies believe to be done from the other security devices they deploy or choose. On each passing day, healthcare providers have to generate a large amount of data, and it becomes critical and complex to provide security to this volume of data.

The team of Nano health solutions and managed data security services assist the healthcare providers in securing and protecting their crucial data, enduring in a compliant and cost-effective way with highly encrypted, scalable, flexible, and tokenization solutions.

Growing digital businesses have to face critical compliance and governance rules and requirements. Information security threats and risks have become a broad concern, and fulfilling just a few security requirements is inferior.

Managing Security Governance & Compliance

Nano Health Security Governance, Compliance, and risks suite assists the healthcare providers in assessing the constant and existing risks and threats, validating compliance to standards, and enforcing policies and technologies to uphold compliance.

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Nano Health specialists work with their clients and vendor partners to assess threats, business, and retaining security requirements and decide the current state of cloud security for deliberate and on-board cloud programs.

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Nano Health cloud-based security services assist healthcare providers in staying secure in their digital transformation journeys.

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One unified security ecosystem builds an outstanding grade of visibility, cognition, and interoperability for your healthcare service providers.

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Our holistic strategy to protection within the healthcare environment delivers comprehensive tools to enhance the safety of patients, nationals, and teams.

Organizations can furnish digital convenience that upgrades patient engagement and greater satisfaction by laying intelligent technology to utilize cases across the patient journey.